Product 1: Abundant line up

products01Slide rails are installed in areas with limited space, and are used as a linear motion component for a variety of product and unit applications. 
Our standard line up includes steel parts (trivalent chromium plating), as well as stainless slide rails, and we have enjoyed long-standing patronage in various markets. Please feel free to contact us about your linear motion component needs.

Product 2: Stainless Steel Slide Rails

products02We provide Stainless Steel Slide Rails for use in special environments (high temperature/humidity, corrosive), and they are manufactured for long life. 
Please contact us if you are looking for slide rails for use with food/beverage showcases or in kitchens.

Product 3: Smaller Slide Rails

products03The U1000 series - the world's smallest class of slide rails, are compact with a width of 10.6mm and a height of 5mm, and are used in areas designed with restricted space.

Product 4: Small Slide Rails (mini rails)

products04We also handle a variety of small slide rails other than the U1000 series. 
Mini rails with widths of 14mm, 16mm or 20mm can be designed for use in areas with limited space.

Product 5: Heavy Duty Slide Rails

products05Among our three types of slide rails, these are the largest slide rails we offer - the C690 series - with a width of 69.8mm, a height of 19.8mm and a load capacity of 1,400N. 
These are ideal for heavy loads.